Get the global platform you need to give you the competitive edge when you start working! Get the premier training you deserve in top rated companies and businesses abroad. 

We have designed internship programs that will give you international exposure, develop your skills in an advanced level and make you experience life in another country. Aside from enhancing your skills further, this experience is sure to level up your social graces as well. Learn how to socialize and network with people from different cultures.

This is an opportunity like no other. Get ready to kick start your career today!

We give you the power to develop skills in your field of choice! This apprenticeship package is specifically designed for students and individuals fresh-out-of-uni who want to be exposed to their chosen industries. Get the full working experience by being immersed in the culture of your host organization and receive training for a full year. You’ll also receive salary and full employee benefits during your stay.

Learning opportunities are open in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We will assist you from visa application to onboarding.

Immerse yourself in a different culture for one whole semester! This package is designed for students who want to intern in another country for one semester or approximately 6-9 months. This program fulfills all academic requirements of local universities.

The G-Trotter Apprenticeship is available in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and selected Asian countries.

Want to intern abroad but only short term? This package is perfect for you! We designed an apprenticeship package tailor-made for students who want to avail of an internship but cannot give a long-term commitment. The program is run for less than six (6) months. We broke it down into two (2) packages:

Summer Swing Pro Lite

This program is offered in China, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. This is offered to students during their summer break.

Classic Swing Pro Lite

This is the regular program condensed into a shorter period of time. 

Create your own apprenticeship package based on your specific requirements! We give you the freedom to create your own internship program on the following points:

  • Duration of the program
  • Cost of the package
  • Country where internship will be undertaken
  • Program structure

    This internship option is dependent on the availability of internship suppliers.
  • Aged 18 to 30 years old
  • Valid passport holder
  • Possesses good skills in English communication
  • Students currently enrolled in a tertiary course at a recognized school/university (required for candidates applying for internships that run for less than 12 months)
  • Recent graduates of no more than:
    • 12 months, if applying in the USA
    • 24 months, if applying in Australia and New Zealand
  • Preferably with relevant work experience and basic computer knowledge

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