Premier Apprenticeship & Travel Consultants, Inc. (PrimeApp) is a travel consultancy firm that specializes in student placement and travel assistance abroad. We provide our clients with travel, study and internship packages for long-term and short-term requirements in different parts of the world. Our aim is to create a lifestyle that encourages individuals to travel with purpose where they can enjoy while enhancing their skills further to achieve the five vital Cs: competence, confidence, connections and credible careers. Overall, we want to create a significant travel experience for our clients.

We break down barriers by immersing them in various cultures that will push them to experience life outside of their comfort zones. We offer a global platform where they will learn from the best schools and work at the most reputable companies to give you the competitive edge you need to stand out. This international exposure will broaden your outlook in life and drive you to take a wider perspective on things that matter.

When traveling for leisure, we ensure that our clients maximize the scope of their travel by creating packages that will enable them to tour the city’s tourist spots, historic landmarks and cultural areas.

By developing a variety of apprenticeship packages, study abroad options, travel assistance and consultancy services, we ensure an enjoyable and enlightening trip abroad. We also partnered with numerous schools, colleges, universities and companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives and selected Asian countries to expand our international reach.

At PrimeApp, we provide our clients with experiences that will transform them into more aware and cultured individuals. #TRAVELEARN with us now!


PrimeApp developed from Mirabelle Travel, a travel agency that has been in the industry for over 20 years. It was rebranded to cater to more purpose driven audience looking to increase their competitive advantage by getting experience in travel and learning opportunities abroad. We also welcomed new partners that gave a fresh perspective on our new directions.

We are now a trusted partner in providing international opportunities through travel, study and internship programs while immersing our clients to different cultures by including city tours in our packages. More than encouraging people to experience life and travel abroad, we also drive them to find purpose and significance in their trips – either for vacation, learning or apprenticeship. We push people to take a wider perspective on things that matter.